Monitoring in the marina..

As part of the Meridian Quay development in Swansea the client, contractor and local council required the dock wall of the neighbouring Swansea Marina to be monitored over a six month period. The belief was that the piling operation on site may cause the dock wall to move.

A specialist Leica Monitoring System TS was hired from our instrument suppliers Optical, and once 40 reflective targets were resined to the dock wall (on shims) our surveyors established three stations on the opposite side of the dock and recorded a set of base data.

Two visits were made to site each week; two lots of data were collected from each of the three set-ups, this data was then averaged and the mean values were compared both to the original base data and that of the previous visit. The resulting spreadsheets were published after each visit to the contractor Carillion, developer Earthquake as well as the local authority Swansea City Council.

below: one of the many spreadsheets completed during the project.

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