For over 30 years Lansdowne Surveys have been Setting-Out for a variety of clients, from small local sub-contractors to nationwide principal contractors. 


Engineers from Lansdowne Surveys are embedded into a client's team anywhere from one day to one year, depending on the needs of that client. 


Using the latest Leica Total Stations and CAD software our Engineers are able to:


  • read and interpret all drawings on site

  • set-out accurately and in accordance with site drawings

  • routinely verify all calculations

  • have a broad understanding of site trades and the ability to anticipate their requirements

  • have the ability to assist and enhance the site management team

Above: a gridline layout of a new faculty building at the University of Bournemouth

Below: three luxery houses set-out in the Cotsowlds, the plots overhang the shoreline and project into the lake