Basketball Arena - London 2012 Olympic Venue

Ironing out the wrinkes...

As you can see from the pic above the steel frame has a high tensile fabric material stretched over it. Lansdowne were called in by the company manufacturing and fitting the fabric. Once fitted it was noticed that the corner panels were 'wrinkled'. In order to determine whether it was a steel frame or fabric issue, Lansdowne were asked to survey the two panels on each of the four corners of the building.

The 3D Survey was carried out in reflectorless mode. A vertical eyepiece was fitted to the total station in order to enable the surveyors to view the necessary survey points even when set-put close to the structure (this was unavoidable on the final set-up due to the proximity of the site boundary to the building).

one of the corners (consisting of two panels) can be seen below:

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