Leeds MSCP


Lansdowne are currently working up at the Leeds University Campus. The team are cladding a concrete frame car park in Hypbar Panels (see artists impression above).

The Lansdowne team involved are setting-out the 1,168 bracket positions which are attached to the face of the frame on all elevations. A 3D model was issued from the designer to Lansdowne, two drill holes were calculated on each bracket and then marked on the conc face in each location. The process involves an engineer/surveyor on the ground and a colleague up in a cherry picker marking the wall (see below).

below (left to right): holes marked, bracket fitted, vertical mullions attached, then finally Hypbar Panels hung to frame.

The project is currently (at time of writing - 08/09/15) 70% set-out and 50% installed (see almost complete north elevation below)

below: completed west elevation

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