As-Built Survey

the final As-Built...

It’s believed Phoenix Engineering have been involved with more Leachate Treatment Plants than any other construction company, with the majority of design and installation carried out in-house. This particular treatment plant in Bletchley nr Milton Keynes is a site known to Lansdowne as we previously worked here on the methane/gas turbine power station for Power Systems.

Our first involvement on the project was to set-out the CFA Piles which would underpin the giant tank bases and m&e slabs. Once the piling was completed, frequent visits were made to site to set-out various components of the build such as concrete bases, slabs, walls etc.

Once finished Lansdowne were instructed to produce a final As-Built survey, part of which can be seen above. The survey also included surveying the various pipes and cables running into and out of the site.

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