Yate International Academy - Q&A

Working as the in-house survey/engineering team...

The Yate International Academy in Bristol is a site Lansdowne were involved with for just over a year. We initially attended site to check the groundworks package; dimensions, levels and position of ground beams were checked, along with verticality and positioning of columns. Once the concrete frame contractor took over the bulk of the works our involvement involved mainly checking slab levels and column verticality. As each floor was completed then checked and signed off by Lansdowne, the team would then marks gridlines and datums throughout the floor.

Other items also needed to be set out such as external and internal blockwork, structural steel frame bolt positions and internal services. Q&A reports such as the one below were issued along with surveys when a particular component of the build was checked and subsequently singed off.

Our involvement on this project for Willmott Dixon is typical of the kind of service we provide for many main contractors, quite often we will also carry out the initial land/topographical survey of the site and establish and maintain control for the duration of the project.

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