Stratford Bus Station Canopy

Fabric Canopy failure...

One of the inverted cones had ripped along it’s seam (see pic below). As the fabric had ripped so badly, it was not possible to simply take the canopy down and use it as a template to produce a new one. As a result, a 3D survey was required in order to provide the manufacturers with the information needed to manufacture a new canopy to replace the torn one.

Using one of our Leica 1205+ total stations in reflector-less mode our surveyors were able to survey the neighbouring cone; the fabric itself (outside edge and seams), the lufftrack and support column (2 column sections, flange, collar, ring and fixings).

This generated (post cad work) a 3d model of a typical cone in perfect working order. Next the surveyors moved over to the cone with the torn canopy and surveyed the column, top of canopy (still in tact) and the exposed fixing ring. The resulting 3D model can be seen below:

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