Topographical Survey

Rev C...

This week long Topographical Survey (an extract of which can be seen below) was actually an infill on a site Lansdowne had visited to survey twice before. We’d previously been to site to survey the grounds to the west of the hotel, and the gardens to the east (part of which have since been developed into a Hotel Spa.

This survey was to fill in the area between the two previously surveyed areas and included the footprint of the hotel itself along with all outbuildings, roads, gardens, trees, services etc. The topo was carried out by one of our surveyors using a robotic Leica 1205+ TS; ridge, eave, coping and overhead cable levels/lines were shot in reflectorless mode.

The resulting survey was merged with the two previous surveys and published to the client Childs+Sulzmann Architects as Woolley Grange Hotel, Rev C.

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